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Jasper finds love with Larry the Cable Guy and Cara

Photo of Larry the Cable Guy and Jasper

Heartland received a phone call from a young man in Nebraska, Christopher Hatcher. He told me of how he had taken in a weimaraner named Jasper to keep Jasper from being dumped at the local shelter by his owners. Chris thought he had the perfect home for Jasper. A friend of Chris's had wanted a Weim for a long time, and Chris thought the situation was perfect. All was fine until the friend's landlord demanded Jasper leave due to his size. Again, Chris opened his heart and home and brought Jasper home with him. It was at this point that Chris contacted Heartland for help in finding a perfect home for Jasper. Not only did Chris go into great detail about Japser's personality, but when he sent pictures of Jasper, he also sent Jasper's story and his likes and dislikes. It was obvious Jasper and Chris had made a connection, but Chris already had several dogs and he felt Jasper would do better in a home that would have more time to devote to him. I told Chris to be patient; the perfect home would come.

A few days later Heartland got a phone call from Cara, who told us of how the couple had just lost their 5-year-old Weim to a liver problem and were searching for the right Weim to take his place in their family. She was due to have a baby in August and wanted the new Weim to be settled in and comfortable prior to the birth of their first child. The Weim would have to be able to get along with other dogs, and like children. She went on to explain how they lived in Florida, but had a "get away" in rural Nebraska. During the conversation it was revealed that Cara was actually the wife of celebrity "Larry the Cable Guy." The conversation continued and we all agreed the best Weim for the growing family would be Jasper.

I called Chris and told him about the new home, without telling him who the family was, and while excited, he had the shaky voice of a veteran rescuer about to give up a dog they had fallen in love with. He agreed it would be a wonderful home for Jasper. Then we told Chris of who the new family was, and he became even more excited knowing Jasper would never want for love or anything else the rest of his life, and would in fact be the most spoiled Weim ever!

Arrangements were made to meet Chris and pick up Jasper. Once again, even though it was his first foster, he displayed all the signs of a foster dad giving up one of his own. His eyes welled up, but he was proud that he had done his part to help a dog find a new loving home. He had packed Jasper's favorite blanket, his sleeping pillow, favorite toys, and all the medical records he could locate for Jasper. Chris had also written a two-page letter to be given to the new family with all the details about Jasper he could think of and one simple request: for the new family to please let him know that Jasper had settled into his new home and was fine.

Jasper made it to his new home with Larry the Cable Guy and his wife Cara. The couple were touched that Chris had taken the time and care to write such a loving description of Jasper for them. Cara promised to send Chris a new picture of Jasper, and a letter telling him about Jasper's new forever home.

Weimaraner Rescue Nationwide would like to thank Christopher Hatcher for stepping up and taking care of one of the hundreds of needy Weimaraners in the United States.

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